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2010 is now starting…

A new year is starting and I realize I’m not having the time I would like to dedicate to this Blog.

I hope I will arrange my time and find some to write down my thoughts and register articles I found interesting across the Web.

The truth is I have learned a lot since I engaged in Twitter (the one I use most for Professional findings), I receive tones of valuable links to very useful information. This is what I find exciting in Online Marketing, we are always on the move, every day theres is a new tip, a new solution for our challenges, we just need to type “How to….” in the search engines…and this applies either to our professional or personal life 🙂

The main challenge is to stay focused! Or else we wouldn’t sleep!

My phone crashed before New Year (this is horrifying in my case :)) … Thanks to the web, I found the solution, hard-reseted it and got back to life!

About CCD

Sou uma entusiasta das Redes Sociais, curiosa por natureza e sempre desejosa de experimentar coisas novas Marketer de profissão criei este espaço para tentar organizar as minhas ideias e encontrar alguma ordem nas pilhas de informação que leio (ou tento/consigo ler)...


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